Art Below’s First Exhibition of 2020


23rd – 30th January 2020, 8-10 Brewer Street, W1F 0SE

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 23rd January, 6.30 – 9pm. RSVP

Art Below is proud to announce their first exhibition of 2020 ‘Behind Closed Drawers’ by London based artist, Gia Strauss.  
In this exhibition Gia Strauss walks the line between the genderless idioms of sexual Marxism and the objectification of the female form.  

Curated by Ben Moore this exhibition will be the first solo show in Gia Strauss’ career. Opening on Thursday 23rd January, the exhibition will be held at the Soho Revue Gallery. 

Much of Strauss’ work has been described as controversial, in particular the focus she has placed on aspects of the female form. Her work includes consumption scenes in which the most delicate of female body parts are savoured and consumed by gourmets. In this way Strauss has attempted to highlight the plight of the disadvantaged in society, especially women.

When Strauss first arrived in London (over 8 years ago) she supported herself as a burlesque performer. This facet of her life is often expressed in different ways in her work. As part of her work and personal interest the artist has developed a strong passion for pole dancing and has since become an outstanding performer.

Gia Strauss, together with her pole dancing partner, will perform costumed pole dance routines at the gallery where Art Below have installed two poles specifically for this exhibition. These performances will take place during the private view on 23rd and on the following evening of Friday 24th January.

The exhibition’s curator says: ‘I think the Revue gallery lends itself really well to this kind of performance not only for gallery visitors but also for the passer by… I  feel like this part of Soho will enjoy being reminded of the brilliance, beauty and romance of the ‘Old Soho’ and the pole dance performances will hopefully act as a celebration and inspiration to all those who see it’

Over the last three years, Art Below has supported Gia Strauss, featuring her paintings across billboard space on the London Underground. Her work has often been considered controversial. Last year, Transport for London refused permission for her painting to be shown on the Tube. Strauss commented at the time: ‘My work featuring the two thousand-year-old statue, Venus de Milo was considered politically incorrect in our highly sensitive, gender-oriented society.’
In her performance art, Strauss’ work often includes costumed performances, juxtaposing rituals of conventional society with a surreal twist alongside obscure backdrops. Her most notable performance pieces include The Misogynist and Gluttons that have subsequently been made into short films viewable online.

Gia Strauss says ‘Surrealism is said to represent the epitome of an artist’s imagination. Adhering to the Surrealist philosophy…. I attempt to portray different facets of myself and my life in my films and paintings.
In addition to painting, filmmaking and performance art, Gia Strauss also has a compulsive passion for piano composition. Her great uncle was the classical composer, Richard Strauss.

Gia Strauss is at present working full time towards a PhD in philosophy.

Private View: Thursday 23rd January, 6.30 – 9 pm. RSVP Press information: For more information and images please contact
Visitor Information: Soho Revue Gallery, 8-10 Brewer Street, W1F 0SE
Opening times: Open Daily 11 am – 6 pm

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