ELISABETH KRISTENSEN Norwegian/saami sculptor Elisabeth Kristensen works with ephemeral materials such as ice, snow and has returned to Icehotel year after year. She also travels a lot, creating monumental, ephemeral works of art.
Discipline: Illustrator
Country: Norway
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Scenes From Reality 2006-2009 is my latest project related to painting and drawing. It consists of acrylic paintings showing young children, mainly boys, at play. I am illustrating the reality children enter when they are engaged in play inspired by the temptations of the media world. For most adults this media reality is somewhat separated from their everyday lives. That is not always the case for children. They virtuously mix elements from the screen reality they watch with elements from their own lives. This special mix generates an imaginary landscape outside the screen, preferably on the living room floor... in front of the tv. Kids relate to this landscape as if it were a real physical element of the room in which they are. It is a reality between reality and fantasy. I am trying to visualize this landscape in my paintings. I collect material by observing children using all sorts of toys, games, movies, cartoons, books and computer games in front of different kinds of screens. The combination of "real children" and cartoon caracters/toys has given the project a unique visual form.

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