Since the early 1980s, my work has involved the creation of conceptually based socio-political paintings and drawings. I started by adding text by hand onto my paintings. Hand written language has now become a very prominent feature in my work. Even when I cover it you can still see words within the texture of the work.
Discipline: Fine Art
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
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Justin Kumr Sharma To me it's a philosophy rather than a mere artistic type. I am very interested in human existence be it good or bad. But unlike most other socio-political expression, I do care if it's decorative. I love to play with the juxtaposition between beauty and the grotesque, being content and meditative to stressed out mess, At times I like to hack out the bad in so-called good modelled people, and expose there close minded selfishness. I may feel the need to voice an opinion, spread my message, and try to enact a drastic change, or thought within society, but I really don't think I could make much of a difference, if any. I will often look at world news to present the argument, where one thing represents another, so that is how the story of my paintings are told. Every work I create has a story to be explored, and is up to the viewer to relate this to themselves. My work seeks to get a reaction from viewers, be it good or bad, I may use shocking words or passionate imagery creating literally interactive and narrative work. Interpretation is required from the viewer. The motivation of my work is about emotion, communication and the horror of the human struggle. I won't the viewer to have an understanding of the relationship between the art itself, and theirselves. I studied fine art at the Minneapolis College of art and design in the 1980s, and have been an artist ever since. Feel free to enjoy, love or hate my work and let me know how you feel.

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