According to my parents, i have been drawing since i could hold a pencil, a quiet, content child, happy to spend hours scribbling, from paper to almost anything i could make a mark on, school books, vehicles and walls, the list goes on... I suppose my style ended up as a product of not listening to anyone, especially my art teachers and doing what i wanted to do.
Discipline: Fine Art
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
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Many people say that my work is illustrative and reminds them of comic book art, others say that is is thought provoking and exciting, My influences come from many sources, but in terms of art and film, i would have to say, Beardsley, Jamie Hewlett, Bosch, Tim Burton............. My work is ink on whatever ,with no real thought in mind to begin with, just a need to draw, and a blank canvas, no pencil is laid down beforehand so there is little room for mistake but if something unexpected happens i just go along with it. A small drawing then expands and evolves,to a bigger finished piece, there is almost always narrative in the way the pictures & characters link together, although not everyone sees it too begin with, you kind of have to get lost in it for a while.

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