I believe my art is more interesting in itself than a presentation about me. But here is a little about me and my art anyway. I was born in Enkoping and have been drawing since I was one year old and been painting all of my life. I started more daily with oil colors when I was 12 years old and then draw 2-3 hours a day and painted.
Discipline: Painting
Country: Sweden
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I sold my first painting to an art collector when I was 13 years old. I was a bit fanatic during these years and painted more and more, usually nights. At the age of 19 I believed I could paint almost anything in any style and technique. My goal at that time was to become the greatest living artist in my time. Crazy, but I was a bit fanatic. I study art and then went to artschool in Umeå.(City in the north of Sweden) But as my real art teacher, I look upon my cousin Staffan Runhag, who I painted with in the summers. Every day at that time I was painting. But I am convinced that I am a better artist today and I also believe that art has more to do with life, experience and passion than with technical talent. (Even if you need that to) It has to do with feeling, love and passion. Then life and our life together on our earth become the most important for me, so I started to work with young people as an art teacher. I continued working through art, theater and then studied theology for more than 4 years. I have aesthetic theology as my field. I have painted a lot of live graffiti sermons. Whatever I like to do with a pencil I can do with a can and even more. When I made my first wall in -72, I had never heard about Graffiti. And during all these years I can not stop painting. Today I am creating art every day. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. With my art I am trying to express light, hope and peace in life and at the same time developing energy and strength into my paintings. My paintings are hanging in private homes, schools, hospitals and churches around the world. Art is important! We all need art in our life!

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