'Windows XIII'
Born in London 1970 but lived and schooled in Norfolk. Following in the footsteps of his mother Caroline Hoskin, an artist, and grandfather John Hoskin, noted sculptor of the 50's and 60's, he went on to study Art and Design in Norwich. From then on he was rarely without his camera and continued learning and experimenting with this back in the days of film.
Discipline: Photographer
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
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He moved to London 1996 and worked in a photographic library until the digital revolution in 2000 convinced Noah to go it alone as a professional photographer. He has had 10 years experience as a professional photographer in London. His interest in photography as a medium to produce his own art has sometimes been influenced by the work he does commercially. The photography of architecture being an example of this - his own interest in architect Denys Lasdun, responsible for the concrete structures of The National Theatre in London, and Norfolk Terrace at University of East Anglia, lead him to produce this series of images in 2012.

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