My main practice is painting which takes two distinct forms: lush, exotic landscapes and abstract pieces. Connecting these bodies of work is a strong sense of colour, references to organic forms and the exploration of the mediums I work with.
Discipline: Fine Art
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
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The abstract paintings are created through a process that involves no intervention with tools or brushes, just the flow and manipulation of the medium on the canvas. There is an immediacy and freshness borne out of this way of working which is complementary to the layered aspect of my landscape paintings

My landscapes represent re-imagined places which are celebratory, and in some senses, a rose-tinted view of the natural world. The surface joyousness is tempered by an uneasy sense of abandonment. I depict wild places that are uninhabited and timeless, offering a glimpse of paradise that would ultimately ensnare and/or is potentially lost to us.

I am self represented and show with galleries on invitation. I have been working as an artist since graduating from an MA Fine Art, Barcelona in 1997. After returning to UK from living aboard I started working full-time from my London studio where I was based for about 10 years. I moved from London to Hampshire in 2017.

Large-scale commissions have included the 4x4m piece for the lobby of the new Four Seasons Downtown New York and a large abstract for the Mandarin Oriental in London.

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