I am a self-motivated creative person who has been creating for over 25 years. The work i have posted here are my latest digital images. I started of drawing and painting which i did for 20 years but more recently have been working with digital photography.
Discipline: Digital Art
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
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You can see some of my early hand-coloured prints, airbrush & stencil paintings and digital work at www.snopix.co.uk and some of my later paintings, digital work and digital photos at www.artmajeur.com/snopix if my work is of interest to you and you would like to see more as the work posted on all these websites is just a sample of my portfolio or would like more details about the work please do contact me at 07831450099 or email snopixx@hotmail.com   Thank you for your time   Peter"Snoopie"Higgins   I will be showing some of my latest work at The Islington Art & Design Fair Candid Arts 3 Torrens St London EC1V 1NQ 9th - 11th October 09 more Details at www.icadf.com

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