In 2009 Ben Moore was given a full-size stormtrooper armour and helmet made by Star Wars prop maker Andrew Ainsworth. He decided to paint it pink and in doing so created the world's first ever pink stormtrooper.
Discipline: Visual Art
Country: UK (United Kingdom)
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From that moment on Moore used the pink stormtrooper as a vehicle for art and over the following years carried out various performances and installations including: 'Tate Storm' in 2009 at Tate Modern, and 'Stormtrooper striptease' outside the houses of parliament in 2010.  The pink stormtrooper has been photographed and filmed in various public demonstrations in London and Berlin, some of these have escalated into full-scale riots - creating a vibrant backdrop for dramatic performance art. The pink stormtrooper has appeared on billboard space around the world including London, Berlin and Los Angeles, supported by Art Below.

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