I`ve had a passion for painting and crafts for as long as I can remember and one day ended up selling pieces to friends who wouldn`t take "you don`t have to pay me" as an answer. My favourite pastime was slowly turning into something that, not only did I enjoy doing more than anything else but had subsequently taken up all of my time (and pay cheque!)
Discipline: Fine Art
Country: Poland
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I`m Polina. And I am a self-educated artist. Abstraction is an incredible form of expression showcasing the diversity of human perception; one painting can have so many different meanings through different eyes. 
There is a mystery, a question and every time you look at it there is a new aspect you can find, like everything in life should be, you can never be bored of it.
Abstract art brings a subtle beauty, whether artistic impression or a reflection of the observer's own emotions - it does not matter where it comes from, there is always something that will make you feel. It is these emotions that make you desire art, to surround yourself by the peace it gives you, the reminder of grief or the fondness you feel by the collaboration of colours; whatever the reason it acts like a little buoy connecting you to emotions that are easy to forget in the drag of everyday life.
It is this that I love to paint, to try and capture - the little moments that you want to

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