To me, my art is the safest and most authentic way to express myself to the people surrounding me. Trips to foreign countries, either concrete or in my phantasy, are the source of my ideas. Art is a basic need, I feel it as a part of myself. Drawing and being creative, makes me feel balanced and relaxed.
Discipline: Fine Art
Country: Switzerland
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Born as the son of Italian immigrants on 24th April 1972, I was raised in Switzerland, where I've always lived and where I still work. During my artistic journey, I tried different techniques and styles, a fact that reflects my character. I feel the need to move forward, to be open for new ideas, never pause, always observing, keeping my eyes and my heart open. My earlier works were surreal, followed an abstract phase. Currently I really love my own mixed media technique, called -sketched photography-. It consisting of photography, sketch, and oil finish. When looking at my paintings, one has to double-check if it is a picture or an oil painting.  The answer is: it's neither nor, it's kind of both. On one hand, it's digitally created, on the other hand it's manually rebuild and finished up. Working like that, it gives me the opportunity to blur the lines between photography and painting, to build a world between reality and fiction, in order to let the dynamic and tension grow. It's important to me, that my creations have a quick and temporary character and not a static one. Like life. Always changing.

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