Historic London building Fulham Town Hall will open its doors for the first time in a decade after the winter lockdown as it plays host to ‘Art in the Age of Now’, a group exhibition that brings together contemporary art, live music, talks and performance art.

This iconic, deserted 51,000 sq ft Victorian space in West London, empty for over ten years, will be open to the public once the current lockdown is eased. Overseen by curator Ben Moore (Art Below), and co-presented by hotel operator Lamington Group, Art in the Age of Now is a free event for the local community and features an extraordinary programme of installations, guest exhibitions, live performance art, music, talks, readings and screenings in the atmospheric setting of Fulham Town Hall, Fulham Town Hall, before owners Ziser property redevelop the building and give the iconic space a new lease of life as a creative, community hub and boutique hotel in 2022. Many of the landmark building’s beautiful original fittings are preserved and will remain so in its future life as a hotel and entertainment space.



Liam Hayhow is a visual artist who has also been helping artists light their shows for over a decade. He employs theatrical techniques, which he also utilises at festivals for sets he designs like the Roots Yard at Shambala. Always creating an atmosphere and showing the work in its best light.

Hayhow recently assisted Dot Masters in achieving a kinetic light display for his shopfront installation in South Kensington. This led on to the opportunity to light the Fulham Town Hall.

“This is a great chance to distill a little positivity into the area after a cold winter and months of lockdown”, says Hayhow; “to see a flood of changing coloured light coming from the town hall will hopefully spark a light of hope for the future in the people below.”


Posted up around the walkways of the building are a selection of posters by artists, including Banksy, Marcus Harvey, Polly Morgan, Sarah Maple, Henry Hudson, and Billy Childish, and many more, who have collaborated with Art Below on organised exhibitions across various London Underground stations since 2006.

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